Comedian Ricardo Daniel Ortiz Lugo, aka “Wereverwero,” is the number 1 influencer in Mexico on Facebook, surpassing celebrities and music legends such as Maná, Reik, Thalía, Marco Antonio Solís and La Arrolladora Banda El Limón. With an FYITV score (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter y Vine) of over 17 million followers on his social media accounts and digital channels, “Wereverwero” is among the top 15 most influential Latinos in America. At 25 years of age, “Wereverwero” has reached organically over 16 million fans on his fan page thanks to his ingenuity, creativity and intelligence to make millions of people laugh all over the world. With an incomparable humor and charisma, “Wereverwero” is one of the most powerful young digital leaders in the world and who poses a great opportunity for an interested brand.

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