Sebastian Arango is one of the top social media influencers in Latin America. Since creating his YouTube account in 2010, Sebastian’s channel, “Sebas Dice,” has had over 25 million views. His influencer status has led him to participate in Caracol TV’s “Taggeados,” a show that highlights Colombian’s top influencers. In 2014, he was nominated as “Favorito de la web” in Mexico’s Kids’ Choice Awards.

Thanks to Sebastian’s creativity and loyal fan base, companies like Sony, Sprite, Microsoft, and Bubbaloo Gum have featured him in their campaigns. In 2015 the creative Influencer released, Zelic: la nueva tierra, a sci-fi book he wrote with fellow YouTuber, Raiza Revelles. With Zelic well received, Sebastian began touring world-wide to promote the book attending events like Guadalajara’s international book fair.

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