Mario Andrés Ruiz Borda is one of the top Colombian YouTubers and one of the most recognized in Latin America. Thanks to his high level of engagement he has been the digital reporter for “The Voice Kids” (Colombia) in 2014. He was selected as one of the most influential people of the year by “TV y Novelas” magazine and in 2015, he won “Colombian Instagramer of the year”. Mario’s career started 2 years ago with his YouTube channel “Imarioruiz”. Thanks to his audience’s acceptance he caught the attention of major brands allowing him to develop more than 30 campaigns, including: Coca Cola, HP, Fanta, Sprite, Papa Johns, Jack Dumas, Procter & Gamble, Adidas, Movie City, among others. His recognition in the digital world led RCN, one of the most important Colombian channels, to chose him as digital presenter of its hit show, “Tiene Talento” alongside major stars like Paola Turbay, Jose Gaviria and Alejandra Azcarate. He is currently working with the Canal Caracol, in new TV projects, and continues to develop digital campaigns with other brands.

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