In May 2013, on the final day of school, Lauren Giraldo decided to make this the best summer of her life. Upon downloading Vine, the popular mobile video application, Lauren began capturing moments from her life six seconds at a time— and people noticed. Whether it was a short video of Lauren performing “I Believe I Can Fly” to unsuspecting customers at a supermarket complete with swimming noodles for wings or applying makeup from an up close and personal angle, every video posted attracted more and more followers. As the summer went on, Lauren had a whole new social circle to keep her company; she began receiving followers from all over South America and Europe who identified with the girl using a cell phone as a means to broadcast random thoughts from her room in Miami, Florida. Since then, she has capitalized on her social media fame, been highlighted various times on Tumblr and cross-pollinated across all platforms – quickly building on her following and also being approached by various TV/film production companies, marketing agencies and record labels. Princess Lauren followers know about her singing ability, and by popular demand she has started recording with various Grammy winning producers and is looking to release new music in 2014.

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