Evaluna Montaner is an actress, singer, and host who has acted alongside Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara in the MGM comedy “Hot Pursuit.” For 105 episodes over the course of two seasons, Evaluna starred as Melanie in the Nickelodeon Latin American series “Grachi,” the popular show that was adapted as “Every Witch Way” for the English market. Thanks to her versatility, Evaluna wears many hats in the entertainment industry. She has served as the official social media reporter for Caracol TV’s hit singing competition “The Voice (Colombia).” As a singer, her solo music video “Si Existe” has garnered over 38 million views, and her previous video “La Gloria de Dios” with her father, Ricardo Montaner, has over 132 million views.

Evaluna got her start by appearing in her father’s music video “Si tuviera que elegir,” written and dedicated to her by Montaner. Since then, she has held starring roles in theatre, sang for South American TV audiences on “Susana Gimenez” (TELEFE), and appeared on “Don Francisco Presenta” (Univision) where she sang the “Dreamgirls” hit song, “And I am Telling You.” Raised in an artistic household, Evaluna was born in Caracas, Venezuela and is the daughter of international singer/composer Ricardo Montaner and filmmaker Marlene Rodríguez Miranda, and also sister to four brothers dedicated to music – Alejandro, Héctor, Ricky and Mauricio. Since she could walk, Evaluna has trained extensively for a career as an actress, having completed rigorous dance courses (flamenco, hip-hop, belly-dancing, tango, samba and salsa) as well as voice, piano, and harp lessons. Evaluna currently resides between Miami and Los Angeles.