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(MIAMI – November 17, 2014) – This past Friday November 14th the recognized actor, singer and co-host of “Despierta América,” Johnny Lozada, was recognized with the award “Puerto Rican Pride” by the Comité Noviembre organization in an elegant gala dinner at the New York Hilton Hotel.

Johnny Lozada, the host of Univision’s #1 morning show “Despierta América,” was recognized for his distinguished artistic legacy and for his humanitarian efforts in the framework of celebrating the Puerto Rican heritage in the United States.

Lozada, represented by Latin World Entertainment, was honored on the twenty-eight anniversary of the Comité Noviembre for his positive contribution to social, cultural and artistic level as a Puerto Rican in the United States.


Comité Noviembre is a nonprofit organization based in New York City whose primary mission is the enhancement of the identity of Puerto Ricans and the recognition of the immense contribution to social, cultural, political and artistic Puerto Rican community in the United States.


Singer, Actor, Presenter, Johnny Lozada is without a doubt one of the most charismatic personalities on Hispanic television. This witty and simple Puerto Rican has been appealing his fans for over two decades throughout the Americas. Currently, you can find Johnny Lozada on weekdays as a host of Univision’s popular morning show, “Despierta America.”

Before “Despierta America,” Johnny hosted “Sal y Pimienta,” “Quien tiene la razon,” “Transformacion Total,” “Escandalo TV,” Fear Factor VIP,” and “Big Brother.”

His popularity and his public affection have surprised Johnny since he was a child. He grew up in Puerto Rico as part of the group “Menudo” from 1980 to 1984. Johnny also starred in the movie “Una Aventura llamada Menudo.” He was part of the historic show in which “Menudo: presented in the Azteca Stadium in Mexico, as well as 2 telenovelas that were filmed in Venezuela: “Quiero ser” and “Es por Amor.”

After he left the group, Robby Draco replaced Johnny, but Johnny continued in the music business. He recorded his first album named “Invitame,” was nominated for a Grammy and recognized for many other awards. During this time, Johnny participated in a campaign to promote sexual abstinence among youth and recorded a duet with Tatiana: “Cuando estemos juntos” and “Détente.” This created so much popularity for him in the United States that he was interviewed for the show “20/20.” Besides his career in music, Johnny began his work as an actor, landing roles in telenovelas such as, “Escandalo” alongside Charytin (1986), “Alba Marina” (1988), “Señora Tentación” (1994), “Cuando Calienta el Sol” (1995), “La señorita Ana” (1996), “Amigas y Rivales” (2001), “Complices al Rescate” (2002), most of which were produced by Televisa, the biggest Hispanic production company in the world. As for theater, he was worked on “Alzo Aire” (2004), “Quien mato a Hector Lavoe” (2007), “Descargados” (2007), and “Confesiones del Pene” (2012).

When the group broke up, Johnny returned to telenovelas and a while later returned to music once again. This time forming the group “Reencuentro” with Rene Farrait, Miguel Cancel, Ricky Melendez, and Charlie Masso. Together they have toured all of Latin America, bringing back memories to former fans of “Menudo.” They also released the album “El Reencuentro” which broke records and was nominated as the “Best Group Album” at the “Billboard” awards.

In 2010, Johnny joined the group of hosts on “Sal y Pimienta,” Univision’s Entertainment show. Two years later, he was chosen to be one of the presenters for “Despierta America.” In 2010, Univision invited him to participate in “Mira Quien Baila,” where he ended up winning the competition in first place. That same year, “TV y Novelas” awarded him “Best Host.”


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