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GISELLE BLONDET LAUNCHES “TENGO 50 ¿Y QUÉ?,” A FUN AND USEFUL LIFE MANUAL FOR ALL WOMEN The Puerto Rican star kicks-off a book tour in Miami, Orlando, New York, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico and Mexico and launches a sweepstake on social media for her fans. (Miami, FL – November 4th 2014) The highly anticipated book of the actress, host and entrepreneur Giselle Blondet, “Tengo 50 ¿Y Qué?,” (I am 50, so what?) hit the bookstores and is positioned as Best Seller in the motivational category on “It’s a book with life stories, advices, observations and truths that I wrote with great love for the ‘tonas,’ a fun way to reference women between thirty and ninety,” explains Giselle, who published her book with the Penguin Random House, Grijalbo seal. “I speak for the first time about many difficult moments in my life, I share secrets that have helped me succeed, and to reach 50 feeling happy, productive, sexy, in peace and more confident than ever. After never discussing my age for many years, I decided to celebrate it in big writing this book. I want to lead a movement where women feel compelled to celebrate and not hide our age. The experience of all these years with the challenges that life brings us, is a wonderful treasure that can help us reinvent ourselves and to be happier every year. This book is a life manual with many tips, facts and funny discoveries that have the power to change lives.” With prologues from Colombian actress Sofia Vergara, Mexican host Alejandra Espinoza and Peruvian journalist and host Pamela Silva Conde, Blondet has already obtained excellent reviews and inspired hundreds of women with the honesty and sense of humor that distinguishes her. The book officially launches on November 7th but is already available in stores and bookstores in the US and Puerto Rico and on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play where its already among the best sellers. “Tengo 50 ¿Y Qué?” talks about the beauty tips that have kept Giselle Blondet looking young as well as her thoughts on love, kids, spirituality, menopause, sex, self-esteem, grief, how to obtain financial stability and much more. Among the most popular chapters there is a fun task list that Giselle recommends that every woman do before they reach 50, for example dance under the rain, take a selfie with their favorite star, enjoy a vacation alone, sleep under the stars, learn how to change a car tire, do something crazy for love and scream at full force from a roller coaster. Simultaneously, phrases from her chapters such as “Lo mejor de ser mayor es que aprendes a ser mejor amante” (The best thing about being older is that you learn how to be a better lover), “El amor es el juego que gana el último que llegue” (Love is the game where the winner is the last person who arrives), “A los 50 lo que no se cae, crece, ¿y qué?” (At 50, whatever doesn’t fall, grows, so what?), “No te conviertas en un saquito de preocupaciones para tus hijos” (Don’t turn into a worry bag for your kids), and “Los trabajos no abrazan. No son Familia” (Jobs don’t hug. They are not family), have delineated a before and after in the life of different ‘tonas’ that feel a profound connection with these stories. Giselle Blondet will kick-off a promotional tour in Miami, Orlando, New York, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico and soon in México. Her fans can follow her weekly blogs and her book tour online On November 7th Giselle opens the tour with the presentation of “Tengo 50 ¿Y Qué?” in the Miami Book Fair and will welcome all of her fans starting at 8pm EST in the Koubek Center of the Miami Dade College. The recognized host and prologue collaborator, Alejandra Espinoza, will be at the fair interviewing Giselle in this magnificent event. The actress invites all women through this video to join the sweepstake on social media “Club De Las Tonas” where if they share photos using the hashtag #Tengo50yque and a sign where they proudly confess their age, they can win an autographed copy of Giselle’s life manual. Last but not least, Blondet, amid her promotional tour will also attend the November 20th, 2014 Latin GRAMMY® as host of the green carpet and welcoming all the stars to Las Vegas. Giselle Blondet’s Social Media ABOUT GISELLE BLONDET With a career spanning over 36 years, Giselle Blondet is one of the most well-recognized and beloved actresses, hosts, entrepreneurs and TV personalities of Hispanic television in the United States and Latin America. On Television she has excelled as host of the highest rated reality competition show on Univision, Nuestra Belleza Latina, as well as in their #1 morning show, Despierta América. She broke ratings’ records in primetime hosting the red carpets of the Latin GRAMMY® and Premio Lo Nuestro. Giselle Blondet, spokeswoman for L’Oreal Puerto Rico since 2014, created “Arte por la Paz” (Art for Peace), a foundation whose mission is to support children and young adults with talent in art and music, promoting educational programs. As an entrepreneur, this year she launched her jewelry line, home and bedding line “Gi by Giselle Blondet” with Walmart, and is currently preparing for a new stage in her life as producer of her own talk show. Additionally, she is releasing her second book “Tengo 50, ¿Y Qué?” after having written her first publication in 2003, “Con los Pies en la Tierra.” CONTACT MAYNA NEVAREZ O: 305.591.3571 UKA GREEN O: 787.223.2300