With forewords by Sofia Vergara, Alejandra Espinoza and Pamela Silva Conde, the Puerto Rican star celebrates her 50th birthday by opening her heart with love, humor and honesty in a book by Random House Penguin, seal Grijalbo, which is already in pre-sale on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

Giselle Blondet, one of the most recognized and beloved personalities of the Latino world, releases “Tengo 50, ¿Y Qué?” (“I’m 50, So What?”) A book dedicated to the “tonas” women (thirty to ninety) in which she shares with humor and candor her inspiring attitude towards age and life. Under the philosophy that each year that passes is a new beginning with endless opportunities, Blondet starts a movement to empower women, and make them celebrate their age with pride and build on life experiences to do great things and learn how to be happier as the years pass.

“Tengo 50, ¿Y Qué?” will hit bookstores in the USA and Puerto Rico in November, but you can already pre-order it on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

“I wrote the book that I wished someone had recommended to me at any age, one that I would give my aunts and cousins on their birthday, one I would like my daughters to read to prepare them better for life. This is something I wrote for my fans, friends and family of all ages: there’s something for everyone,” said Giselle. “I feel that my experiences and perspectives on life can inspire many women and motivate them to celebrate, and not hide, their age. Life is wonderful, experiences are priceless, and a youthful spirit is what counts. Every new year is a great new opportunity to achieve dreams, to reinvent them or to find new ones. ”

Giselle shares stories and feelings never before told publicly. “Tengo 50, ¿Y Qué?” (“I’m 50, So What?”) covers themes of love, family, spirituality, menopause, wrinkles, beauty secrets, the loss of a loved one, self-esteem, and more. With the openness and playfulness that characterizes her, she breaks the myth that age should be feared and motivates us to embrace it and celebrate it with passion.

“As a 50 year old woman, I’m doing more and enjoying life more than in my 20’s. I want to share the state of happy inner peace I feel at this age. I wish every woman could achieve this balance; learn to take care of themselves inside and out. Each chapter will help readers find useful tools to face life with a positive outlook. Everything I share comes from my experiences as a mother, daughter, friend, as an employee, boss and foremost as a strong woman. I am proud of the first half century of my life,” said Giselle smiling.

The fun book of empowerment has forewords from Sofia Vergara, Alejandra Espinoza and Pamela Silva Conde, amazing women, today in different decades of their life, that have broken all sort of barriers in their countries and went on to become known personalities internationally for their talent.

“Tengo 50, ¿Y Qué?” (“I’m 50, So What?”) is a frank and emotional life manual that demonstrates that today, the fifties can shine and feel like the new thirties. The book published by Random House Penguin, seal Grijalbo, will be available in bookstores in the United States and Puerto Rico on November and you can now pre-order on Amazon, iTunes and Google Play.

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With a career spanning over 36 years, Giselle Blondet is one of the most recognized and beloved actresses, hosts, entrepreneurs and personalities of Hispanic television in the United States and Latin America.
On television he has excelled as host of the most watched reality show on Univision, Nuestra Belleza Latina and the number one morning TV show, Despierta America. She broke records in primetime hosting the red carpets of the “Latin Grammys” and “Premio Lo Nuestro.”
Giselle Blondet, spokeswoman for L’Oreal Puerto Rico since 2014, created “Art for Peace”, a foundation whose mission is to support children and young people with talent in art and music, and secure their future with tailored educational programs.
As an entrepreneur, this year she launched her line of jewelry, home and bedding “Gi By Giselle Blondet ” with Walmart, and is currently preparing for a new phase in her life as producer of her own talk show. Additionally, she releases her second book “Tengo 50, ¿Y Qué?” (“I’m 50, So What?”),after writing in 2003 her first publication, “Con los Pies en la Tierra”.


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