In less than 24 hours of the release of the pre-sale of “Tengo 50, ¿Y Qué?,” Giselle Blondet ranks as No. 1 best-selling motivational author of Amazon in Spanish.

(Miami, FL – September 17, 2014) “Tengo 50, ¿Y Qué?” published by Penguin Random House, Grijalbo seal, is a fun and inspirational life manual written by actress, host, and entrepreneur Giselle Blondet for the “tonas” (a term referring to all women ranging between the ages of thirty to ninety). In a matter of hours the Puerto Rican writer was positioned as the #1 Best Seller in the motivational category in Spanish in the sales giant, all while remaining in the top 5 places for “Hot New Releases.”
Giselle Blondet wrote “Tengo 50, ¿Y Qué?” between tears and laughter, achieving what many already consider a witty movement of empowerment for women to feel proud of their age and for them to see that each new year brings an opportunity to revamp dreams. With phrases like “Lo mejor de ser mayor es que aprendes a ser mejor amante” (The best thing about being older is that you learn how to be a better lover), Giselle breaks barriers with humor and introspection. She even provides a list of what women should do before turning 50 to be happy, such as: “Haz una locura por amor” (Do something crazy for love) and “Baila bajo la lluvia” (Dance under the rain).
“Tengo 50, ¿Y Qué?” contained prologues written by Sofía Vergara, Alejandra Espinoza and Pamela Silva Conde, and is dedicated to women of all ages. The pre-sale is currently available on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.


With a career spanning over 36 years, Giselle Blondet is one of the most well-recognized and beloved actresses, hosts, entrepreneurs and TV personalities of Hispanic television in the United States and Latin America.
On Television she has excelled as host of the highest rated reality competition show on Univision, Nuestra Belleza Latina, as well as in their #1 morning show, Despierta América. She broke ratings’ records in primetime hosting the red carpets of the Latin GRAMMY® and Premio Lo Nuestro.

Giselle Blondet, spokeswoman for L’Oreal Puerto Rico 2014, created “Arte por la Paz” (Art for Peace), a foundation whose mission is to support children and young adults with talent in art and music, promoting educational programs.
As an entrepreneur, this year she launched her jewelry line and bedding line “Gi by Giselle Blondet” with Walmart, and is currently preparing for a new stage in her life as producer of her own talk show. Additionally, she is releasing her second book “Tengo 50, ¿Y Qué?” following her 2003 publication, “Con los Pies en la Tierra.”


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